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INCI and ingredients that you do not expect

international-nomenclature-cosmetic-ingredientOften when talking about cosmetics that are not manufactured in Italy the importance of a label written in Italian is stressed, as established by the industry rules.

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Nano-ingredients, benefits and risks

Nano-ingredients, benefits and risksThe use of nanomaterials is now widely used in the cosmetic industry, but there are those who wonder if the possible risks have been carefully evaluated. 

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Record attendance for Cosmoprof

Cosmoprof in BolognaAs the gates close on the 2015edition, Cosmoprof Bologna announces record numbers. In a final report, at the end of the important international event dedicated to the professional beauty industry, the organizers have reported almost 250,000 visitors, an increase of 20% over last year, 80,000 of them from abroad (with a +30 % compared to 2014).

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As we know, in the end all that is important is to be beautiful inside

Nutricosmetics ClaimsFor some, an inner beauty would also result in a much more pleasant appearance. Certain companies specializing in beauty sector have taken this notion to the extreme to the point of creating a new motto: "beauty that comes from within."

Much less from a philosophical stance, by analyzing scientific studies available the cosmetic industry has realized that some of the ingredients in its formulations are characterized by greater activity when administered orally.

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The six commandments for cosmetics

Based on Regulation (UE) 655/2013 we prepared these inforgraphics to explain the behaviuor to follow regarding the effects claimed by cosmetic products.

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