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Importing into and marketing of cosmetics products in Italy and in Europe is only permissible for companies that have complied with a series of technical and regulatory requirements.

It is an activity that requires solid professional experience in order to adequately check whether the documents submitted by the cosmetics manufacturer are consistent with the demands posed by European standards and the specific current practice in the various agencies and ministries of the individual EU countries.

The competence of the people involved in the assessment of the dossier in order to obtain the authorization to import cosmetics must be very high and in line with the continuous development in this specific field, both from the administrative point of view but especially from the a technical standpoint, and thus be able to understand not only in what way the dossier may be deficient, but to be able guide the manufacturer and importer of cosmetics towards the correct compilation of the whole dossier.

Cosmetic products from countries outside Europe will be blocked in customs and in some cases returned to the sender if the company has not completed all of the necessary procedures, or not applied for the necessary regulatory authorizations or  does not possess the correct documentation.


  • Control of permitted substances list
  • Preparation and control labels
  • Preparation and verification advertising texts
  • Notification of cosmetics import
  • Centralized European notification
  • Review of printed material and documentation
  • Safety assessment and assumption of accountability
  • Product Information File
  • Audits of production sites and verification of compliance with GMP
  • Request for Free Sale Certificates (CLV)
  • Graphic design of cosmetic packaging


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In these slides, Di Renzo Regulatory Affairs will show you some of services offered to cosmetic companies that have to comply with regulationEC 1223/2009. Cosmetic companies should comply with the regulation entered into force on 11th July 2013 and provides for a specific notification procedure of cosmetic products, required for their marketing.